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Basics of Renting an Apartment in NYC

Hey ya’ll! 

We’ve been hosting Off-Campus Living Webinars lately and they’ve been going great! I thank all those who attended, you were awesome participants. (P.S. We have one more coming up this Monday, July 28th at 11:00am NY time - click here to RSVP). Figured I’d put a few FAQ here:

  1. What is the average cost of an apartment in NYC?
    It’s very varied because of all the different neighborhoods and buildings. The closer you are to NYU Campus, the pricier apartments will be. A modest studio/1 br apt. can easily be $1800-2500. 

  2. Which neighborhood is best to live in?
    Again, comes down to preference and budget. We know students who live in the following areas: 
    Manhattan: Gramercy, Lower East Side, Greenwich Village, Stuyvesant Town, etc. 
    Brooklyn: Sunset Park, Crown Heights, Gowanus, Dumbo, Carroll Gardens, etc.
    Queens: Astoria, Long Island City, Flushing, Bayside, etc.
    NJ: Jersey City, Hoboken, Kearny, etc.  
    Go here to check out the safety of a neighborhood. 

  3. Should I use a broker? 
    If you can afford one, sure. It makes the process easier and faster as long as you find a broker who isn’t going to scam you. Watch out for those who make places seem too good to be true (and cheap). We have a relationships with CitiHabitats (gives NYU discount) and NYCollege Rentals (Contact Lucas Chu). 
    If you can’t afford one, don’t worry. Many people have found apartments without a broker. 

  4. How soon should I start looking for an apartment?
    We’d say about 30 days before you plan to move into an apartment. It may very well take you less time to find something. Turnover in NYC is quick, and apartment’s go fast. Be sure to be ready to sign for an apartment you like right there and then. 

  5. What should I bring with me when looking at apartments?
    Bring work paystubs, a bank statement, checkbook, possibly letter from previous landlord. You may need to show the landlord you are able to pay for the apartment and be ready to write a check for a deposit right away if you like the place. Also request a receipt for a refund of the deposit if you are rejected.
    psstt - Students without the proper income requirements will most likely need a guarantor or co-signer. 

Have any more questions? Go ahead, ask us! 


World Cup Fever

The FIFA World Cup is now underway and our office is buzzing with excitement! Who are you rooting for this year?

You may or may not have heard that a grand piano “washed up” on the shore of the East River, on the Manhattan side right under the Brooklyn Bridge. The details of how it got there or why aren’t so clear to anyone…but what is obvious is that it makes for an awesome photo shoot! It probably looks even cooler when the tide comes up and part of the piano becomes submerged in water. 

It was discovered on Friday, but as of earlier this evening, according to a few of our Office Assistants, it was still there. If you’re looking for an adventure in NYC, this is a rare must-see! Take a few pictures and ponder your own ideas as to how it got there, ASAP - before it just-as-magically disappears!

We’re Renovating!

We’re saying goodbye to our office space in Suite 210 as we know it. Starting today we’ll be undergoing renovations to improve our space and provide better services for students. During the summer we’ll be on the 7th Floor of the Kimmel Center, so make sure to stop by and visit us. We have a great view!

Hey everyone!

The NYU Student Resource Center is turning 10 years old this year! To celebrate, we invite you to join us for our Breakfast for Dinner birthday bash!! There’s going to be free breakfast foods, giveaways, prizes, photo booths (oh and a huge inflatable birthday cake). Bring your friends! - Make sure to RSVP here because it’s going to be loads of fun! 

I'm starting at NYU in the fall and I'm trying to negotiate a budget with my parents. I need to figure out how much I might spend on going out, eating out, clothes, and transportation. I don't want to ask for too much, but I also don't want to put too much pressure on myself to live on a shoestring. Without asking about your personal finances, what do you think would be reasonable to ask of my parents? Thanks for your help!

Asked by Anonymous

While the topic of budgeting is quite subjective, here’s what we suggest:

  • Going out - This varies from person to person, but chances are you’ll only find time to go out Thursday through Saturday. New York can be quite expensive, but if you’re smart about, you can have an enjoyable time without spending too much money. Taking into account what you like to do, explore the various venues that New York has to offer and their prices. Also, Ticket Central offers a number of discounts to attractions all across the city.
  • Eating out - Don’t. Food in New York can get quite expensive. If you have a meal plan, definitely use it. Nonetheless, there are a number of places for cheap eats, especially on MacDougal Street. Check out Long’s $5 Challenge for some suggestions. 
  • Clothes - The cost of clothing depends on where you like to shop. If you like to to thrift shop, there are many options within the city. If you have more expensive taste, you probably know better than anyone what your shopping habits are like. Budget accordingly.
  • Transportation - While on a day-to-day basis you shouldn’t need to spend money on transportation, as most of your classes will be in the Washington Square area, should you need to travel elsewhere within the university, the NYU buses are free to use with your NYU ID. If you feel that you will be venturing into other parts of the city, consider the various MetroCard options made available by the New York City MTA. 

Thus, any additional money you may need from your parents depends solely on your lifestyle. A great way to allow yourself more spending money without asking too much of your parents is to get an on-campus job. The Wasserman Career Center is a great place to look! 

Take a Break, Ride the Ferry

Looking for something to do on this beautiful Saturday? Take a study break and hop on the Staten Island Ferry for a free 30 minute boat trip to Staten Island. Enjoy the gorgeous views of the city you call home!

What is the best way to go about a self-guided tour of NYU's campus?

Asked by Anonymous

If you’re unable to attend a guided tour, you can stop by the NYU Welcome Center to pick up a self-guided tour map of the campus. Admissions Ambassadors will also be on-hand to answer any questions you may have. Also, make sure to check out the NYU virtual tour!

Are there placement exams?

Asked by Anonymous

Yes, there are placement exams; however, unlike many schools, they are not mandatory. Many students opt to take them to be able to take higher level courses, usually in the sciences, maths, and languages. Placement exams also vary by department. The College of Arts and Science has information about these exams here

When will we create our class schedules?

Asked by Anonymous

Class registration varies by school but will take place sometime in the month of June along with an online advisement session. For a complete list of important dates make sure to check out Next Stop NYU!

How does work study work? I was offered 3000 as part of my FA package. Do I need to come up with that money before I start school, and then I keep what I earn? Or do they cover it for me and then I pay it back through the year?

Asked by Anonymous

Work Study at NYU

Essentially, work study is just like a regular job - except the difference is who is paying you. Instead of your work-place paying you 100% of your salary, the government helps them by subsidizing a certain amount of your paycheck.You will be getting this money periodically (most likely bi-weekly), so you will not have the $3000 on hand by when you have to pay your first-semester tuition bill. If you so choose, you can save this money and use it to pay for the next semester, but you can use it simply as supplementary income for other things (books, food, leisure activities, etc.).


So you shouldn’t really count it as knocking off $3000 from your tuition bill, but more as just a job. The benefit of being eligible for work study is that more places on campus will be willing to hire you, although some may hire you regardless.

More information on On-Campus Employment

Also, check out our Career Center for more on jobs and career guidance while at NYU!

When do the roommate and residence hall decisions come out? My parents aren't supposed to stick around for Welcome Week right? Did you have any bad experiences with housing, were you able to switch rooms? Thanks.

Asked by lightmayhem

Thanks for the question!
Roommate and residence hall decisions will be available in early July. While your parents are more than welcome to stick around in the city during Welcome Week, there are no specific parent programs other than on Move-In Day, August 24th. All other Welcome Week programs are oriented towards students only. 

As for switching rooms, it is possible and although I have not done so, people I know have switched rooms before. Here are some ways you can go about changing rooms should you have any bad experiences: Cancellation and Room Change. You should speak to the Resource Center of your assigned Residence Hall should you have any personal problems or concerns. They will be more than happy to assist you.

NYU Housing Department

  • Email: 
  • Phone212-998-4600 
  • Hours: Monday-Friday — 9am - 5pm